It is so HOT!


So, what do you think is the hottest news worldwide? The ICC Cricket T20 world cup? F1 races? Or the video “Innocence of Muslims”?

If you are mind boggled by the mention of the video “Innocence of Muslims” and are wondering what on earth it is, you must be woken to life.

“Innocence of Muslims” is a video produced by Sam Bacile who thinks it’s extremely funny to make fun of the Holy Prophet of us, Muslims. This video displays the Holy Prophet, Muhammad as a pedophile, womanizer, liar and a bit of a fool. And, we know it is not one bit true.

This video is, apparently, the sole reason why so many buildings, the U.S. embassy offices and what not are being burnt. Is the whole of America responsible for a video that impersonates the Holy prophet? Are the other Jews and Christians also responsible for this video? Isn’t Islam the religion of peace?



So, many others who have no regard and respect for other religions will continue to do such stupid, jobless things. Are we going to leave aside all our work and go about burning things and protesting?

We have better things to focus on in our lives than stupid idiots who find making such videos very funny and exciting. It is our people who go about making such videos so popular. Blocking one such video from Youtube is not going to stop the others from making other videos. There have been and are many videos that make fun of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, Dalai Lama and so many other religious figures. And the number of these videos shall continue to rise because people, or rather some people are born with stupidity and cowardice and the internet is one of the only places where they can gain some attention. And we actually help them.

It is not an entire nation that is doing this. It’s only some who find doing such dumb and meaningless thing more interesting than just sitting around and doing good. It is ironical how our fellow Muslims are going about trying to block a meaningless video, a video that all of us know has untrue facts, but nothing is being done when so many Muslims are being tortured and persecuted in the Middle East. Humanity, is definitely, left untouched.

Let barking dogs lie and let us not give a damn to so many of them attention seeking idiots. Let us just give them a standing ovation of our longest finger and start getting about doing the things we normally do. Let us stop blaming it on the others. Let us live and work hard for the Hereafter.


7 Replies to “It is so HOT!”

  1. Hang in there kid. It’s always the minority that makes an entire community look bad.

    “A questioner asked about a Chastisement to befall – The Unbelievers, the which there is none to ward off- (A Penalty) from Allah, Lord of the Ways to Ascent. The angels and the Spirit ascent unto Him in a Day the measure whereof is (as) fifty thousand years: Therefore do you hold patience – a Patience to beautiful (contentment). They see the (Day) indeed as a far off (event): But We see it (quite) near.” Quran 70:1-8

      1. Well that is true. Which is why IMO, more Muslims should condemn such acts. There has never been a more dire need for exemplary Muslims. I think 🙂

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