Oh, save our souls!

In case you’re thinking this blog is about some disaster that has hit us and I am asking God for help, you’re wrong.

Oh, wait. What I am referring to is a bit of a catastrophe when you come to think of it as some others and I do. Some may just say, “Oh, well, what is wrong with it?” whilst some may give you an eye-popping facial expression. This blog is about pronunciation of words. Or, should I say “Pro-noun-ciation?

Recently, I went to this village in the state of Gujrat in India. And, thus, the INSPIRATION to blog about pro-noun-ciation. Following is a list of some AMAZING pro-noun-ciation that I heard in Dhoraji, Gujrat.

Pronunciation Pro-noun-ciation


Attraction At-rack-sun

*How attractive!*

Accident Ek-see-dint

*I’m sure pronouncing it this way wasn’t an Ek-see-dint*

Pant Pent

*Pent house?*

Shirt Sirt


Sixteen Shik-tin

*Oh, yeah, I am shick-tin XD*

Chocolate Choker-late

*I’d rather choke to death, yeah?*

Practice Prek-tees

*How much of Prek-tees would make their pro-noun-ciation right, I wonder*

Add Ed

*Ed sheeran?*

Fashion Fae-sun

*How fae-sun-able*

Best Baast

*The Baaast in Pro-noun-ciation, eh?*

Doctor Doke-ter

*Doke-ter, doke-ter, come on turrrn me on*

Zainab Jei-nab

*Jek for Zac, then*

Model Mo-dal

*More dhal?*

English Ing-lis

*Ah, don’t kill it!*

Madam Medam

*How classy*

Call Koll

*A roll?*

Cricket Kiri-ket

*Not that, at least!*

Dress Drasss

*pronounced like ass*

Stage Is-tage

*Is-tage of ‘facepalm’ again*

Stairs Is-tairs


Purple Purrrrrr-pal


Hospital Hose-pi-tal

*Yeah, would love to be admitted there rather than listen to them massacre pronunciation*

Colombo Kol-ombo

*What the… NO!*

End And

*There is more, by the way, but not in my blog :P*

Well, if you think there is nothing wrong with the way they pronounced those words, there is something definitely wrong with your pro-noun-ciation. And if you were all O.o, just laugh, not at the people though but at the pronunciation ‘cos none of us are perfect.The way they pronounced words sure made me silently LOL throughout the trip!


9 Replies to “Oh, save our souls!”

  1. I kid you not but the other day I was at the store and this very attractive young female walks in and from the way she was dressed you could tell she had class, looked well educated and was from good background. As I see her I literally turn my head away from her and with my eyes open wide I silently scream to myself ‘WOW!’ and then I have all these sorts of fantasies (because I’m a guy and we are pervy like that :P). But then the moment she speaks, just like that in a flash all the feelings I had towards her begin to fade away. She asks the grocer “can I please have a magic ‘cawn ?'”. It literally took me a minute to realize that what she was implying ‘Magic Cone’. Sheesh! that was a frustrating experience! Not trying to make fun of anyone here because we’re all flawed in our own ways but I feel English is something that plays a big role in each and everyone’s lives and more effort should be put into training.
    I always enjoy reading blog posts from locals so looking forward to more articles!

    1. Hahahahahaha.
      You should be glad you heard her speak, else you would have fantasized all day long. 😛
      It’s a pity to see our fellow Lankans say the most ridiculous things.
      Eg: On the AC 😛

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