OHMYGAWWWWWWWWWSH!!!!!! IT’S 12. 12. 12.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, so today is 12. 12. 12. and my Facebook homepage is overflowing  with posts about 12.12.12. In addition, my Twitter homepage is wee bit hyped up about 12.12.12, too. People are forwarding messages and images about 12.12.12. My aunt is celebrating her 50th birthday with a grand party today. The most exciting aspect of the party to the others? 12.12.12., I think. Many pregnant mothers are giving birth today, surgically. Why? So, their babes could have a “Special” date of birth. -_-

Well, to me, 12.12.12. is just another date and it really is. So what if I don’t get to live for another 100 years to see 12.12.12. again? SO WHAT? I don’t give a rat’s ass about today’s date or any other “Special” date.

And, if you really want to witness 12.12.12. again, trying hibernating yourself for a hundred years in an iceberg somewhere down Antartica. 😀

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