HAPPY 2013!

Hello, 2013 is here! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s hope this year is a prosperous one and blah blah blah blah. You wish the same for me? Aww, Thanks. 🙂

My mother thinks the year just sped by O.o

2012 was quite eventful, actually. I am not a New Year resolutions person, but I shall try to be a smarter (Yes, I am already smart 😛 ) person this year.

Now here’s some advice I got for you. I like to give free advice, you know. It makes me feel wise and all.

  • If you’re doing splits, DO NOT do it without warming up. DO be careful. Your ligament tissue can tear and believe me, it HURTS. You will have to limp and when you see an old person walking faster than you, you will be depressed. It’s been more than a month, and I still cannot stretch my right leg 😦 . It sucks. I want to be able to do those high kicks with my right leg again 😦 . I want to be able to do splits again 😦 ….. give me a tissue, please?
  • DO brush your teeth twice a day, at least. I owe the dentist so much money. And I will have to pay him when I visit him in January, this year. I got one root canal done, so many cavities filled and now he is working on the second root canal. The total bill is a bit less than half a lakh, I think. So, moral of the story? DO NOT give up on eating chocolates, DO keep brushing your teeth.
  • DO NOT ruin a good friendship with a stupid relationship. Girls and boys can be friends, you don’t always have to go out as a couple once you are friends with him/ her.
  • DO tell your parents you love them and hug them and kiss them and massage their feet and hands and shoulders and head and be nice to them and I think you know what I mean. RESPECT THEM; this is more like a reminder to myself. I LOVE YOU, MAMA AND PAPA. 🙂
  • Boys, DO NOT wink at random girls and call random girls “babe, honey, sugar, love or anything as such”. 1) It’s not impressive. 2) It looks and sounds and is cheap. 3) Girl power is quite high now, and you might get slapped by one of these “babe, honey, sugar, love” girls. [I thank my friend Nicole for suggesting this] 🙂
  • DO thank people who have helped you or tried helping you. Believe me, this “You don’t have to thank friends in friendship” is utter bullshit. If I helped you, I wouldn’t want you to host a party to thank me, but I would appreciate a little “Thank you, Nabeela”.
  • DO NOT sit down right after eating. According to my brother who is into fitness, sitting down right after eating is not good. He advises me to stand or walk about for 30 minutes to help digestion.
  • DO make sure you have recipes from a good source. I made Chicken Kurma following a recipe I saw in the magazine, and it turned out to be worse than crowshit. No, I have never tasted crowshit :P, but I assumed it was worse than that.
  • DO NOT try to be witty every time someone asks you a question or talks to you. It can get on to someone’s nerves when they expect a sensible conversation and you act witty and in the end, you look like a jerk to the other person.
  • DO get crazy. No, this doesn’t mean you get all crazy and your mom begins you doubt your sanity and takes you to the mental asylum for a check-up.
  • If you think your life is sucky and boring, it’s up to YOU to DO something about it. Don’t just keep whining.
  • Please DO NOT forward those WhatsApp messages about how you could get WhatsApp for free if you forwarded it to some number of people. 1) It’s a hoax. 2) The developers of an amazing app like WhatsApp are not going to give it for free because they are not Mahatma Gandhis!
  • DO comment on this post and the other posts on my blog. And, DO read my blog often. 🙂
  • iF yeW R 1 f thoze hU tYp lyk diz n thNk iT$ reEeeely KewL…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, please DO NOT think so. IT IS NOT COOL. Typing like a normal person is enough and can be understood. If you actually type like this, and if you are my friend, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. This is just general. :/
  • DO help the poor. I must be sounding like Mother Teresa, but I really believe it’s our duty to help the poor. If all of us did our part, poverty would not exist.
  • Hot boys and girls, DO NOT show so much of attitude. We know you’re hot and all, but you do not realize with the attitude you show, you end up looking stupid and unattractive.
  • Apologize.
  •  Girls, DO stop living on makeup, I feel left out at weddings -_-. Okay, some of you look quite gorgeous with makeup, like g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. Eek, I sound like a desperate gay. 😐
  • Boys, DO NOT wear those ugly pants that have about a million creases. It is NOT cool. It is UGLY, FUGLY, BLECH, YUCK AND EWW.
  • Brats, DO stop being bratty. If your parents hadn’t been alive, I would have literally slapped you so so so so hard.
  • Mothers and fathers, DO NOT reduce our pocket money, increase it. 🙂
  • People, DO stop being so judgmental?
  • DO NOT stop lying because sometimes, lying helps, but yes, avoid it.
  • Girls, Y U NO want to get sunburn? Am I the only girl here who doesn’t mind getting dark? DO go out in the sun sometimes.
  • DO NOT roll your eyes too often. Your eyes could actually fall out of the eye sockets. I am serious. :O
  • DO forgive. And forget. And also work on being friends. Everyone has a bitchy side and a nice side.
  • DO NOT expect anything, you could be disappointed. Just take whatever happens pleasantly.
  • DO be practical when it comes to making decisions. That’s a reminder to myself. I cannot own a pet cow 😦 .
  • If you have a problem with someone, DO NOT try to make it public on Facebook. That is absolutely immature. We are in the 21st century and we have the facility of either calling or texting.
  • DO drink loads of water, not in the might though. Water is good for your body and skin.
  • I DO NOT want to stop because I feel, oh, so wise, but I think everything should have a break. So, as my final piece of advice, DO give things a break.

I really hope 2013 is a year to remember for you and for me. Let’s hope it’s a spicy year.

I hope I get through my AS level with flying colors, else please be kind enough to make me a refugee at your house because my mom will just KICK ME OUT OF THAT HOUSE! I hope all your wishes come true.

If you’re going through a tough time or break up, don’t you worry, God has a plan, things will be okay soon, and you will be Salsa-ing in no time. It’s a new year, get your brave face on.


Where is the wine? 😛

29 Replies to “HAPPY 2013!”

  1. Nabeela ……. You should be extreamly proud of your self as very few people in this world are blessed with the great talent of writting 🙂 . You are a very talented young writter and i hope that 2013 will be nice to you and make you a journalist 😉 😉

  2. Very Interesting!!!
    Only if i knew i’ve been moving around with a Journalist 😀
    Beautifully written… Am tempted to read more of ur blogs!!
    Happy 2013…
    and yes, study hard. We all hope to see u get through ur AS level with flying colors!!!
    All the best!

    1. Thank you, Mariya. I am still a student, hoping to be a journalist. 😀
      You can find all my posts on idrinkblueblood.wordpress.com 🙂

      Yes, let’s hope I pass with A Stars, at most. 🙂

  3. okay 😛 NICE BLOG 😀 and One other thing.. I was EATING A SLAB of CHOCOLATE while reading it 😀
    Any way good job 😀 glad i took time to read it, might come in handy at times.

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