It’s blind.


Although it’s a super cliché, people still use “Love is blind” to justify their lame actions.

Why did you slit your wrist? – Love is blind.

Why did you attempt suicide? – Love is blind.

Why did you scrape her name on your hand? – Love is blind.

Why did you not believe your friends when they said he was a player? – Love is blind.

Why did you fall in love with the garbage man when you know your father, who is a multi-billionaire, wouldn’t approve of the relationship? – Love is blind.

My reaction to all this is one big, fat “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH”. Love is not really blind, people are just plain stupid 😛 . Now all those in love might tell me “You’re just saying this because you have never fallen in love”. I HAVE been in love. I fall in love with Big Mac Beef burgers EVERYTIME I order them! So, don’t you tell me that I have never been in love. 😛

On a serious note, if I ever do fall in love, I would never ever slit my wrist. I mean, come on, I am not DUMB! I am never going to hurt myself physically just because a boy broke my heart! Nor am I going to attempt suicide. So, please don’t justify your actions by telling us your love for him/her is blind.

In real,

Love is blind = I am just so stupid and dumb that I would do anything for this person I love, even if it means ending my life.


Love is blind = I am impulsive and I have no way of explaining my dumb action(s).

I don’t mind people falling in love and I really wonder who I’d fall in love with because at the end of the day, I am just another silly, 16 year old girl who wants a hot boy who loves her loads and hugs her and all that sappy crap. But, I can bet on anything, love is NOT BLIND.


I suck at editing, as you can see.

Cheers. 😀

11 Replies to “It’s blind.”

  1. love is not about hurting yourself or giving life for someone you fall in love with a person because you feel safe around him/her and you know they’ll always be there for you 🙂 so i dont see anything wrong in being in love 🙂

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