Justin Bieber, Y U NO stop getting hate?

Justin Bieber is a gayy, gayy, GAY, noooo, we hate him ‘cos he is so gayy, gayy, GAYY, ohhhhh. Sing to the tune of “Baby”, please?

Probable reasons to hate Justin Bieber:

  • He has the most number of followers on Twitter. And, hey, we all want more followers. -_- Unfair world.
  •  Justin Bieber tweets “HI” and gets about a million retweets. Unfair again.
  • In a boy’s point of view, all the hot, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous girls love him more than anything in the world, even more than BigMacBeefs.
  • He cannot speak Sri Lankan and he will never understand the meaning of “Aiyo”, “Shape” and all.
  • He says “Fuck” a lot, and my mother has told me “Fuck” is a bad word. Image
  • He sounded super nasal before his voice cracked and he started singing in a husky way.
  •  He is too fair. Too much fairness can affect eye sight.
  • He shovels his nose in public! Now say “EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” like a silly girl. 🙂 Image
  • Since we are judgmental pigs, we think he sings so well now only because of auto-tune.
  • He looked like a pretty girl before. And, a boy looking like a girl is a heinous sin. We are all God-fearing peeps.
  • Sometimes, he looks like an over-boiled chicken. Image
  • He broke Selena’s heart. Not like we care much, we just need a reason.
  • Finally, the no-reason reason. 🙂

On a serious note, I must say, Justin Bieber sings really well now. His song “Take You” is unbelievably amazing!

No, I am not a belieber. -_-

One Reply to “Justin Bieber, Y U NO stop getting hate?”

  1. I don’t hate him but he’s gay! :p
    As long as u love-e-e-e me? Seriously?
    No guy would do shit lyk that to a girl;p
    BOYs are jerks!

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