Turn around

This is the first sappy post. I wonder how all of you who have read my previous posts would take this! 😀 

Plus, writing this was the best way I could take away all that stress! So, here it goes:

He was standing there, dressed in a blue suit, looking very handsome. He had come to pick his sister. He had also come to have a secret glance at his crush, who he had been liking ever since he was 16. She was there. She looked gorgeous in her white dress and curls coming down her waist. Her dark brown eyes were something to die for. She was born to be beautiful.

His heart skipped a beat every time she looked his way. Sweat collected by his brow. He was a nervous wreck. Today, I’m going to smile at her, he thought. Who’d have known the CEO of one of the most prestigious companies in Sri Lanka was too shy to smile at a girl? Who’d have known this crush, or rather long-time infatuation, would last for nine years!

Was she so beautiful? Of course, she was. Was she vain? No. Then, why was he so afraid to even smile at her? Why had he never made an effort for nine years? What stopped him? He was unable to talk, he was dumb – a dumb CEO of Ceylon HAP Pvt. Ltd. A dumb CEO who walks with a secretary to communicate.

As if a girl like her would ever love a man like me, he thought with deep sorrow. He turned away. He couldn’t smile. A tear rolled down his cheek. His heart was weak; constantly being jeered at when he was small and constantly being unable to say what he wants had left him feeble. He looked at her beautiful face again. God seemed to be the most amazing designer. Her eyes, nose and lips equaled perfection. Her height of five feet six inches and petite figure made her even more attractive.

She looked his way. Their eyes locked. He stayed in shock. He was too mesmerized and hypnotized by her beauty to even blink. Nine years of pure adoration and their eyes finally met. He saw her walking up to him. His heart was pounding, head was whizzing.  He could not move. He stood, frozen.

With every step she took, his face flushed a deeper shade of red. He blinked not once when she walked towards him. Every second seemed to be one hell of a minute. Finally, he saw her face less than a foot away. He didn’t say a word, he couldn’t, anyway. She smiled. With an overload of shyness, he managed to flash his cute smile that had got every girl liking him until they came to know about his disability.

She pushed away a lock of hair that came across her beautiful, angelic face and said, “Hi”. Then began an epic love story; love that is unique, a one in a trillion love story, an unexpected journey for the two..


16 Replies to “Turn around”

  1. I would just like to know why you’ve blocked me on twitter seeing as you’re the 1st and only person who’s ever blocked me.

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