He said he would never leave her. She believed him. She trusted him. He deceived her. End of story.
Tears rolled down Anya’s cheeks as she lay on her bed, recalling the memories she shared with Jay. She felt explosions of sorrow and betrayal in her head. She felt weak. She didn’t know who to turn to for help. Mentally, she was drained.
She looked at her mobile phone one last time. She didn’t take her eyes off the screen. She kept reading Jay’s last text message to her. It read, please fuck out of my life and leave me alone, thanks. Anya’s heart died a little every time  she read the message. Was it that easy to betray someone and still feel okay about it, she wondered. She finally deleted his messages, his contact and pictures on her phone. The only thing of Jay that was left with Anya was the memories they shared. Anya went back to when she first met Jay.

It was at Sierra’s 18th birthday bash. Anya looked very beautiful in her short, yellow dress and red high heels. Jay spotted this very pretty girl who had her hair down and light makeup. He suddenly felt excited. The very tempting fruit of lust had approached him. He watched Anya dance from a distance and the longer he stared at her, the more he wanted her. He, being the player he was, plotted his plan. Anya had noticed this hot 20ish looking dude who was clad in blue jeans, a black shirt and blue loafers. She also noticed the tattoo on his wrist. Their eyes met and Jay made the first move.

They got friendly and WhatsApped each other on a regular basis. They often went on friendly dates and both felt mutual interest in each other. However,  Jay was full of lust unlike naive Anya who really adored Jay. He finally asked her to be his one and only. It seemed like one of the best days of Anya’s life.

Three months of the relationship and Jay had got what he had wanted. Anya was oblivious to Jay’s intention. A few loving “Good morning, Angel” texts later Anya received the text that crushed her – “We are done. I have found the girl of my dreams. I am sorry”. The text that brought her dreams to an end – her dreams with Jay.
She realized she was used. She realized there was no love, but her heart still yearned for Jay. Half a year passed by with Anya trying to contact Jay to get him to answer the million questions that whizzed in her head. She finally moved on.

Anya sighed. MEN ARE SUCH FUCKING ASSHOLES, she screamed on top of her voice. She had generalized what Jay did to all males. She was lost. She had no one. She stopped living and began to exist. Life offered no meaning. And that’s another story of a broken, crushed and demolished soul…




9 Replies to “Lost”

  1. Not only men, but there are ‘some’ woman who dump the guy once they become no use to them. Anyway, i feel sorry for your friend, and if this is her first love, then it will take a really long time for the pain to heal. Memories of her first love will always remain in her heart, no one could change that.

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