One of those days

[Wrote this during the Business Studies period at school]


Becca lay on her bed, wondering what on earth she would do with her life after she had finished school. She was almost eighteen. Yes, an adult in just a month. Now I’d be able to go watch the x-rated movies without having to lie about my age, Becca thought. She giggled. She would finally be legal. It wasn’t as if she had refrained from doing all those things only those above eighteen could do. Her phone rang. It was her mom. “Hello, ma”, Becca said. Her mom whined about the divorce  from the other line. Becca hung up after a few “Hmm”s, “Yeah”s, and “Uh, okay”s. Some things will never change. she thought and heaved a sigh of doubt.


Her parents had never been the happy couple. Becca had been witnessing fierce arguments since she was three, which also explained how Becca had casually screamed, “Fuck you and your saggy d*ck” at a boy from nursery in front of her nursery teacher, Mrs. Ryans, whose face showed nothing, but horror. It wouldn’t have been a surprise if the melodramatic teacher died of an ear-attack. Becca grinned. This seemed to have lightened her mood. She went back to thinking how she had changed over her eighteen years of life. She felt proud to call herself a “No-slang” person. Yes, Becca had never sworn after the age of 15 because she found swearing to be mainstream.

Her trip down memory lane took a turn towards her no-so-happy moments. She remembered how Dane had broken her heart, last year. He was in bed with some old, kinky woman at Madison’s party, and his defense, he said Becca’s denial to give him sexual pleasure was what drove him to do his little shameful act. Later, Becca came to know of Dane’s naturally sex-driven behavior. That pig, Becca murmured.

She also recalled her fight with Susan, her best friend They had fought over who was gonna be the winner of FIFA. It was one of the silliest fights she had ever had. On the whole, Becca believed her almost eighteen years of life were quite feisty, considering all the beach parties Mrs. Mike allowed her to go to. The door bell rang. Mrs. Mike was home. Becca knew this meant a night full of complaints, but she was up for it. She skipped down the flight of stairs, opened the door with a warm smile and said, “Welcome home, ma” and landed a peck on her mom’s cheek.

2 Replies to “One of those days”

  1. wondering how i cme here? to read a bunch of words that the author thinks a master piece ??
    some what wishes to grow up… try to watch “being flynn” but dont try that

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