Dineth – the Boy Behind Lanka’s Latest Viral Videos

You know how when you have less than a month for your second year finals and you really have to study your ass off to get through, so you decide to update your blog with something that concerns you? Yeah, experienced that phase today.. No biggie though – procrastination is my thang! <insert sunglasses emoji thing>

Anyway, coming back to what this post is about –

His videos were shared by many and appeared on my newsfeed. A friend living in Australia sent a 10 second long video of him singing “Work” by Rihanna on Snapchat. And today, the topic of conversation at lunch spiraled in his direction – in Dineth’s direction.

He is quite the Lankan star, these days. If you’re Sri Lankan or half of your Facebook friendlist comprises of Sri Lankans, you would have definitely come across Dineth’s videos on Facebook. His videos are all over everyone’s newsfeed. His latest video is of him singing “One Call Away” by Charlie Puth and was uploaded just yesterday.



556 shares and 47, 000+ views and 1067 comments as of now!

Has he got famous because of his melodious singing? Hmm, not really.

If you haven’t watched his videos, you’ve got to check them out right now, else this entire post would be like trying to find out why your girlfriend is mad at you – yeah, that’s right, you won’t understand.


When my friends were talking about how funny his videos were, I couldn’t really contribute because I hadn’t watched his videos fully. I had presumed Dineth was just singing not-so-well to entertain his “fans”. When I voiced this, I learned he, well, wasn’t.


The conversation ended, Dineth was forgotten about and I went on with my life.

But when I did get home to fast Wi-Fi (thanks, SLT โค – not a sponsored post, but I sincerely hope SLT sees this and gifts me free Wi-Fi), his video was on my newsfeed. So I decided to watch it fully, and I did.

I must admit, the singing was not what you would normally call good.

Weirdly, I didn’t find it funny because he really looked like he was serious. Because it really did look like he thought he was good at it. Because something about the video just gave me the notion that he didn’t mean it to be a joke.

Curious as I always am, I decided to check the comments out.

Ruthless. Unsympathetic. Callous. Inconsiderate.

Not gonna deny, there were some really nice comments by some really nice Sri Lankans.

Below is a compilation of a few encouraging comments so you know what I am talking about – Nice comment Among the plethora of comments that weren’t included in the “nice” list were those that contained sarcasm, but most were filled with contempt – contempt for a boy who is zealously sharing videos about something he is truly passionate about.

However, my analysis of the hateful comments hinted dubiety. People, most of them, I realized, weren’t sure as to whether Dineth was a character created for entertainment. Hence, resorted to the jovial comments wrapped in sarcasm. In contrast, there were those who were serious about their hate-filled comments.

Here’s a compilation of a few of the hateful comments –

Mean comments.png

These comments are absolutely insensitive. His singing isn’t the best, but one shouldn’t abuse “freedom of speech” to bring another down and publicly shame them for not being of the best. While reading the comments,  I couldn’t help, but wonder what Dineth felt like when he read the comments that were obviously callous to his feelings.

Sooooooo I decided to ask Dineth. (You now have the liberty to judge me. Go ahead. Iz faiine.)

I really wanted to first find out if “Dineth” was for entertainment purposes or was the boy behind the page bursting with passion for singing. I really wanted to know what he felt like upon reading the ruthless comments of those who post without a penny worth’s thought being put into their doing.

My pro-stalker skills finally came in handy and I found THE DINETH!

To all of you who are wondering whether he uploads videos just to make people laugh, let me clear it out to you – Dineth wishes to reach the international level with his singing.

He is a boy with hopes and dreams just like you and me. He is a boy with aspirations. His singing quality isn’t impeccable, but he certainly doesn’t deserve hate for shaping his dreams by battling the wafting social anxiety that exists with sharing one’s work on social media sites. Below are screenshots of the conversation with Dineth.


Comments Discouraging 1.png


Comments Discouraging 2.png

Comments Discouraging 3.png


It’s not “cool” to get a few likes for a hate-filled comment, if it’s going to break another human being. It really isn’t “fun” to comment ruthlessly, if it’s going to emotionally harass someone who means no harm. There’s nothing “great” about laughing at someone, if all they are doing is pursuing their dreams.

But there is one thing about Dineth – he is unbreakable! And when I mean unbreakable, I mean UNBREAKABLE! He is like Nokio 3310 – indestructible!


Confiden Level - dineth.png


Confidence level: DINETH


Dineth does not give a rat’s ass.

Dineth does not care about your internet hate.

Be like Dineth

. Haters Gonna Hate But Im Strong.png


Dineth is a lover of both, his fans and his haters.


About loving fans.png


Ladies, I asked him if he was single, and he is! *wink wink*

Dineth is truly a lesson in disguise to all of us. He is our social anxiety in flesh – except he doesn’t really care about his social anxiety. He doesn’t care if you’re gonna cuss at him in Sinhala and he doesn’t care if you’re gonna laugh at him because he is too busy fending for himself.

Go ahead with your comments because the joke is on you – he doesn’t even bother about the fact that you took some seconds off your life to drop a hateful comment.

But, hey! He loves you, nevertheless!

So, the next time you’re worried about whether your selfie isn’t good enough, pull a Dineth – don’t give a shit! Just post that damn selfie while the haters hate and the potatoes potate!

Until then,

keep Dineth-ing!



20 Replies to “Dineth – the Boy Behind Lanka’s Latest Viral Videos”

  1. I appreciate what you are trying to do. But I think the hate he is getting is justified to a great extent. I hate to side with the bullies, but this time they’ve got a point. This guy is genuinely bad at singing. Let me give you a simple analogy. If a crow take up residence outside your house and starts cawing throughout the whole day, chances are good that your first reaction to it would be to chase it away with considerable violence and contempt. But if this was a cuckoo bird cooing such a reaction may not take place. My point is this, the fb homepage is the home in this analogy. And dineth is the crow. Whenever we see his videos being shared on our homepages most of us do what we would do to a crow cawing outside our house, or the social media equivalent of it. We go to his page and make our feelings known. It may not be the most politically correct thing to do. It may not even be the right thing to do. But its exactly the type of reaction he elicits. And if he isn’t willing to listen and learn from all that negative feedback maybe he isnt serious enough about his ambitions as a singer. Which makes it all too possible that he is doing this for the attention. In which case your whole case of celebrating his bravery is nullified. There is also the possibility that he actually does want to improve his skills and someday actually achieve his dreams of international stardom. If that is his intention I wish him the best of luck. But if all he wants to do is be a Sri Lankan Rebecca Black then count me in for his horde of haters.

    1. Are you serious!?

      Me and a few of my friends really find your comment senseless and annoying. Please remove it or reply with a better comment.


    2. bullcrap! If they don’t like his singing all you have to do is hide that post from your damn homepage, there’s an option called hide this post. If you really want to make your feelings known you don’t have to be offensive. You can do that in a polite way. He maybe bad at singing but at least he’s trying and he likes to post them, that’s his right. Don’t make it hard for everyone. And he’s not a crow to chase him away from your homepage, he’s human ๐Ÿ™‚ cheers!

    3. Bullcrap! If they don’t like his singing all they have to do is hide that post from their damn homepage, there’s an option called hide this post. If you really want to make your feelings known you don’t have to be offensive. You can be nice, if you can’t be nice don’t do it at all. He maybe not good at singing but at least he tries and he likes to post them, that’s he’s right. Don’t make it hard for everyone. And he’s not a crow to chase him away from your homepage, he’s human ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers!

    4. Ok in hindsight maybe it is a bit too harsh to call him a crow. He ia a human being after all. Thing is what this guy is doing right now is pretty sad. He’s trying to win an unpopularity contest here when there isnt one. And all you guys cheering him on are only making it worse for him. I mean this guy can’t sing for shit. Trying to cover justin beiber is a certain low that you just dont go to. Whtever anger I had towards him initially has pretty much turned to synpathy and pity right now. If you people really want to help him, get him some help. Im sure psychiatrists have a diagnosis for this sort of behavior.

      1. And I am sure we can quit being jerks on the internet by resisting the urge to leave behind insensitive comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I appreciate your attempt in trying to understand his motives.
    A little voice training would definitely make him better. His will will take him the heights. But his family may have to help him train.
    Good luck Dineth!

    1. When we were conversing, he did admit needing voice training. So hopefully, he will make use of it to pursue his dreams! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I really appreciate your attempt to motivate him. Before I read this article, I had a totally different idea about Dineth. But after reading this, I’m really proud about his self confidence. He is a good role model for the people who are running away from the problems.

  4. i did not agree with any of the hateful comments/posts until i came across this video which proved he was not ‘a boy with dreams’ but was just retarded

    1. If you think about it, he’s just replicating famous videos like “work” and “Anaconda” by playing roles of both male and female given the lack of other individuals to play the roles.

  5. I understand and agree, heartily, that SL’s stuffed with mooks. That said, I feel like you’ve gone to the opposite extreme in terms of reaction.

    Perhaps your intent was to counteract the bullying, in which case kudos for your intent. However, the fact still remains that he’s rather… a poor singer. A poor singer that doesn’t want voice training.

    Criticism can be polite–but it also has to be honest. We can all be, “yay, great attitude” about it but does that really help him? Right now it just looks like he’s filtered out the hate (including the reasonably stated) and latched onto the (perhaps unreasonable) good ones.

    Eg: “Mate, it’s great that you had the guts to share this but you really do need to consider getting training if you’re serious about this. Good luck!”

    -as opposed to:

    “Wow! That’s amazing, keep it up!”

  6. Hi,
    While opinion blogs are great and all that, I don’t think unless you SPECIFICALLY asked his permission to post these screenshots, this is in no way ethical. Because at the end of the day, you posting your chat-logs with him is worse than all the spiteful comments that have been posted.
    – Yours Truly,

    His #1 Fan

    1. Hey!
      Since you seem to be Dineth’s #1 fan and I wouldn’t want to be in the bad books of such an individual, let me clear it for you – all screenshots were posted upon asking for his permission. In addition, he was informed of the reason for which the chat-logs would be used.
      Leave your email ID as a reply, if you wanna see the screenshot. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yours truly,
      Girl Who Is Supposed To Be Studying

  7. Let me state you the mere truth which lies in front you yet you fail to comprehend. Call me a bully or whatever you social justice warriors use to call people who criticize things for what they really are.
    You make covers, and you name official bla bla and post that on facebook and call the one who comment there your fans and humiliate yourself in front everyone and yet except the internet to admire you because you tried? What kind of logic is that. When you can’t sing you can’t sing. No matter whether you tried a million times. I’m not saying he deserves all those hateful comments just because he uploaded crap on fb. But that’s what happens, people need to have some common sense. Life is hard, it’s harder when you’re stupid. Peace!!!

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