Because it brings respect. 

“But why?”

“To preserve our culture. That’s why”

“But why is preserving our culture so important?”

“Because.. because it brings respect”

Right. Respect. That’s exactly what we live for. If your sole purpose isn’t acquiring respect from others, you clearly aren’t living, and the foolproof way to that? Sticking to this wonderfully designed system of “culture”.

Nothing more respectful than bearing a son who very lustfully observes women while caging his sisters and wife, and that is exactly what all mothers desire – an ogling son paired with a society-worthy, marriage-ready daughter.

What a respectful deed it is to preserve your culture. This undoubtedly means barring your sons and daughters from other sons and daughters who hail from a religion, race and caste different to yours. Even if their chosen partners chose to conform to your respectful cultural standards by accepting your faith, it shan’t be acceptable. Why, a sane mind may question. Because of the taunting “what will people say?” that has become the oxygen to one’s breathing system. Society over your own kids, any day.

Our culture is constantly to be maneuvered to get respect and respect you shall be given in return, but only and only if your sexual orientation is heterosexual. If you identify yourself as anything else, as per cultural rules that are meant for respect, you will not be accepted. To hell with respect and happiness in the case of any individual who isn’t heterosexual because “culture”.

Society will shower you with culture infused applauses only if you hide your daughters from every atom of the earth before the sun sinks along the horizon and bring them out of their hidden caves when dawn breaks because only then can you hand her in marriage to a man whose existence she had never heard of until a minute before the exchange of wedding vows. Why? Because “culture”.

Culture is all about respecting the two sexes by promising your sons education in a foreign university while looking for prospective husbands once your daughters look old enough to marry. It is all about respecting the two sexes by allowing your sons to get away with a casual “boys will be boys” and lashing your daughters with “it’s against our culture” because what isn’t against your culture is pointing out the prejudice and what isn’t against your culture is the very prejudice.

Our culture is one that is distinct in all senses such that respectful to us is returning our daughters to their husbands just to have a heavy hand being thrust against their faces again. It’s okay to repeat the ordeal of domestic violence in the cases of our daughters because hey! What will people say about your divorcee daughter? It’s more important to have society stay hush than pledge our daughters our support.

This culture is all about respecting people’s choices, passions and interests as long as they are on par with your choices, passions and interests. Son of a businessman and lawyer choosing to be a musician? Come on, let’s talk about the bad fate his mother has to deal with while completely disregarding the infinite delight one bears by choosing to live life the way one is made happy. Also, let’s tell our kids to dream like there’s no tomorrow and perish it all with a big NO when it’s not what we have dreamed for them. Because that’s just how well our culture has taught us to respect people’s choices, passions and interests. Because in our culture you’ll find a list of choices, passions and interests that are culturally acceptable.

This culture that we hold so high in esteem preaches love and respect. But when your opinion isn’t the same as theirs, it cannot count. You’ll only be a pariah. Respect for your opinions shall continue to exist but only if your opinions tally with theirs. If they do not, your opinions shall be invalidated and everything possible in human capacity shall be done to shut your voice down. You will only be given a voice, if society thinks you’re fit enough, culturally.

Culture is all about respect for all mortals, regardless of caste or creed, but if you don’t call on the same God, divergent treatment is to be expected of. If you are of the bold and reckless ones who fear not to openly roam the culturally valid streets while exclaiming their choice to be atheist, every centimeter of respect shall be lost, while completely overlooking the fact that you can choose to follow whichever path you wish to follow because it’s your life and not theirs.
Culture is like that bossy chick in every all-girls clique that will tell you what to do, and those who blindly abide by every rule of “because it’s part of our culture” are the blondes who follow the bossy chick.

Culture is of sensitive value, but it is flawed. It has always been flawed. And that is the very reason why molding life to every aspect of “culture” is plaguing lives.

But nah, it’s fine. Give me some culture because I want respect from people.

From people who won’t help me pay my bills.

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