She heaved a heavy sigh and breathed in another puff off her 5th fag for the day. She couldn't stop thinking and feeling all alone. Zonti, her black Persian cat mewed. It effectuated the already complicated moment. Nina shut her eyes tight to fight back her tears for the millionth time. No, I am not … Continue reading Realization

One of those days

[Wrote this during the Business Studies period at school]   Becca lay on her bed, wondering what on earth she would do with her life after she had finished school. She was almost eighteen. Yes, an adult in just a month. Now I'd be able to go watch the x-rated movies without having to lie … Continue reading One of those days


He said he would never leave her. She believed him. She trusted him. He deceived her. End of story. Tears rolled down Anya's cheeks as she lay on her bed, recalling the memories she shared with Jay. She felt explosions of sorrow and betrayal in her head. She felt weak. She didn't know who to … Continue reading Lost


Heard that word? Urgh? Said that? I can't get more obvious, can I? Well, this post is about what can annoy the hell out of us. . . . . . . 1) Trying to think. Your brain decides to jam and think of Oreo instead. Result: No result at all. You haven't thought about … Continue reading URGH!